Anti-Kickback Statutes in New York and Tenant or Subtenant Violations

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This is an analysis of federal anti-kickback statutes and what a landlord/owner or tenant Anti-Kickback Statutes in New York and Tenant or Subtenant Violations  by Ian Lifshutzcan do to protect themselves from tenant or subtenant violations.

42 USCA 1320a-7b(b) federal law states that no medical provider shall make a referral in exchange for remuneration of any kind, whether directly or indirectly (including non-monetary compensation). In general, most healthcare providers know:

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Health Care Office Suites

Health Care Office SuitesIt is extremely important that any healthcare provider understand how their practice or health care business relates to the location in which they choose to operate.

There are many health care specific concerns that can arise with respect to moving from an established office space or establishing a new location. Such as:

  • Flexibility to bring in other providers/specialties
  • Billing and relocation issues with certain insurance companies/3rd party payors
  • Patient privacy regulations
  • Sale of practice

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