MUAs: The Insurance Company’s New Enemy

MUAs: The Insurance Company's New EnemyOver the last few years, a less well known procedure of chiropractic Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) has become more common among Chiropractors. The multi-day procedure generates aggressive opposition by no-fault insurance carriers due to the high reimbursement rates for the procedure.

Insurance companies are increasingly challenging the medical necessity claims for MUAs, and issues surrounding the anesthesiologist involved with the treatment.

Chiropractors should take extra care that the necessary approvals for such procedures have been obtained, and detailed charts and records are kept.

Additionally, Chiropractors who perform MUA procedures should take care to be familiar with the Examination Under Oath (EUO) process since this is the typical tool used by the no-fault insurance companies to withhold or delay payment on claims and have an attorney with expertise in health care law to assist them in the process to make sure that there are no additional complaints or potentially disastrous admissions during the EUO. Insurance companies often take statements made at the EUO to justify and support a fraud and abuse lawsuit against the provider. In certain cases it is therefore important to have an EUO handled by an attorney with health care expertise in fraud and abuse defense to make sure that there are no improper admissions, especially given the dollar amounts connected to MUA.

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