Urgent Care Centers Help Build Your Practice

Urgent Care Centers have been increasing in popularity because they provide an opportunity for a patient to receive immediate, extra-hour medical attention that may not require hospitalization or hospital treatment but still is of an urgent/emergency nature. This opportunity is good for physicians in that it does not require a large facility and only enough staff to provide extra-hour coverage. With an Urgent Care facility, however, there are additional regulations that a physician needs to be aware of related to being able to cover the facility for these extended hours. The Urgent Care facility provides an excellent opportunity for physicians just out of residency as it enables a young physician to build up a reputation in the community and in their area of practice. If the physician wishes to remain in urgent care treatment, there is also an opportunity to open up new locations and operate urgent facilities in groups with other physicians.  The group might cater to different specialties in addition to having a relationship with a hospital for care that requires admission. This can also be of benefit to a young physician’s future career in that it fosters positive relationships with such institutions. There are situations that require the attention of a doctor, but do not necessarily require the services of a full-fledged emergency room.  In these situations, the local Urgent Care Center provides much needed assistance, attracting new patients for anything from stitches to flu shots. These Centers are a good way to help the community and to relieve the pressure and wait time in an emergency room.

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